That was excessively oppressive

I'm a big fan of hot weather.  I know there are others out there just like me. Last week proved that too much of a good thing is not all that great. At least we don't live in Phoenix or Las Vegas or anywhere in a desert. Death Valley recorded [...]

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Bikes, Snakes, Parades and More

This is not your typical 9 to 5 job.  I'll prove it. I texted my wife and told her I was on call to photograph snakes.  "Ewwww!"  she texted back.  She doesn't like snakes.  Can you count the number of snakes in the photo?  No, there isn't a [...]

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Light the Way Part VII

To take your mind of the horrific shooting in Newtown Ct., last Friday, I've put together some photos that show the brighter side of life as we count down the days until the winter solstice kicks in.  Have a great holiday season. [...]

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A Break in the Rain

True to form, the third in a series of powerful Pacific storms clobbered the North Coast early Sunday morning.  The up-side to the storm was the less than predicted rainfall amounts.  Good news if you live on the Russian River which is forecast to now hit 29.2 feet in Guerneville [...]

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TG it’s Friday Or Maybe Not

After emerging from a food coma Thursday, I was assigned to shoot shoppers tearing through the aisles at Toys "R" Us in Santa Rosa.  In years past, it was a different story.  Black Friday started on FRIDAY and usually started around eight in the morning.  In fact, I'm not sure [...]

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Here, there but not everywhere

My hiking boots have no soul.  I really mean that; I have no traction left on my work boots.  One hundred miles for hundreds of stories.  That's what we do here in the photo department. There is no easy way to get to Westport.  It's a long drive [...]

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Peggy Sue’s Cruise

So far, the weather has been nothing like last year.  Warm temperatures, scant rainfall and outdoor activities have reigned since pretty much the end of April.  So the unofficial start to summer (which officially lands on June 20) kicked off with Peggy Sue's All American Cruise this past weekend in [...]

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Here, there, everywhere

Photography is habit forming.  The great thing about this habit is the documentation of everyday life.  Photojournalists do what they do, to inform, enlighten. My photography teacher in high school, Harry Hickman, told me once that photography is one thing that a person can do their entire life.  I was [...]

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Vacation.  A time to reconnect and unify as a family.  Recharge those batteries if you will.  Nothing like lying on the beach for six days, watching the kid swim and soaking up the sun (with sunscreen).  Of course I did the tourist thing and photographed a few palm trees too. [...]

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Yes, a photographic utopia exists

And it's here in Northern California.  So many stories to shoot.  So little time.       -Kent Porter  

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