Beware of Dog!

Just another day in Sonoma County in search of another angle on the possible rise in gas prices due to the Chevron Petroleum Fire (among other circumstances) in Richmond Monday evening.  This led me to the Arco gas station on Brookwood Ave. and Fourth Street in Santa Rosa where I [...]

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X Marks the Spot

Ever get the feeling you're part of a broader bird conspiracy?  Is it my imagination that nature has us in the crosshairs most of the time?e Sometimes I wonder.....   -Kent Porter  

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Horse Squared

The rise of the hill never changes shape.  The grass is always whittled down which presents a nice sharp horizon line. When the sun is straight up, the hill is bland, revealing nothing about its potential character .  Often the rise is enveloped in fog and most times I've no [...]

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A Jersey cow with a situation

A cat rescue. A dog urinating. Yes, it's been an interesting couple of weeks in the life of Kent Porter, photojournalist. As I wrote in a post last week, I spent part of a day with Marin County dairy farmer Mike Moretti.  As I was wrapping up the shoot, Mike [...]

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X marks the spot

Had a shoot yesterday near Tomales.  Beautiful country.  Rolling hills, cows, hawks and waterways.  Picture perfect.  Dairy farmer Mike Moretti was the subject,  for an upcoming story in the Sunday Press Democrat. So I hung around for a few hours because the light was really nice and Moretti works very [...]

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Take my picture, please

Most if not all domesticated animals are pretty curious, especially when a stranger is about.  'Twas the case a few days ago with some goats. Everyone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame. -Kent Porter

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Cat rescue

When I first got in to this photojournalism thing,  I ran across a series of photos in News Photographer magazine- 27 years ago- of a cat being rescued from a tree by firefighters.  The photos were pretty amusing. Up until Wednesday (Aug. 24) I'd never seen anything remotely resembling a [...]

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I’m going to college now, deer.

On assignment today at Sonoma State University. The campus is on winter break and only a few people are around. And one deer, bounding across the quad area looking for more private and greener pastures.

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101 bird deaths: Solved

Even as I work the desk this week here in PD photo, I'm still getting out to shoot a photo here and there. Yesterday, I took an hour to photograph the mystery of the dead birds on Highway 101 near Geyserville. Thanks to some timely reporting from Steve Hart, it [...]

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Birds of a feather

Birds were everywhere Thursday. -Kent Porter

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