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Weather and photography, the perfect marriage

Red Flag Warnings Again, With a Twist

A special shout-out to the great kids at Willowside Middle School and language arts teacher Julia Castro in Santa Rosa, who welcomed me with great questions and equal courtesy during their career day today.  If you want to be a photojournalist, now’s the time to start!   Thanks again. ….. If the last round of wind weren’t enough for you, another round of 50mph winds are forecast for the North Bay Hills from tonight (May 3) through Saturday afternoon.  This… Read More »

Frame the Day 12.16.10

Sometimes the light bends in the most unusual ways. Thursday was one of those days. My wife says it’s spiritual light. My son thinks it’s a big eyeball with eyelashes. Director of PD Photography Chad Surmick thinks it looks like The Eye of Sauron on the tower of Barad-Dûr in Lord of the Rings. Me? Just stupid lucky. -Kent Porter

Frame the Day 12.09.10

The Press Democrat has covered the toy give away by Piner Students at Monroe Elementary School for years.  As that is the case, photographing children when they receive their presents donated by the Piner ASB is truly inspirational. -Kent Porter

Frame the Day 12.08.10

Four people were burned while working on a septic system when it exploded at Redwood Alliance Conference Center in Camp Meeker Dec. 8, 2010. Fire agencies from Monte Rio, Camp Meeker, Occidental and Cal Fire helped to stabilize the group with burns that ranged from third to first degree. -Kent Porter

Frame the Day 12.06.10

It snowed on the Windsor Town Green Monday night. I was told the snow was actually “flaked” water.  Still trying to figure out the flaked water thing.  Anyway, through January 7th 2011, “snow” will fall at 5:30 and 7:30 every evening in the middle of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove. -Kent Porter

Frame the Day 12.04.10

It was a dog day afternoon on Saturday as I was assigned to photograph pets having their pictures taken with Santa Claus in Sonoma. During a lull in the action, a living Christmas tree appeared. -Kent Porter

Frame the Day 12.03.10

Nothing like shooting football in a small town under the lights. The Middletown Mustangs played the Healdsburg Greyhounds in a NCS semi-final tilt in Middletown Friday night. -Kent Porter