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Weather and photography, the perfect marriage

Dawn till Dark

When I made arrangements to fly into New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII coverage between San Francisco and Baltimore, I must’ve been asleep.  For whatever reason, maybe a brief flirtation with stupidity,  I booked the flight that took off at 6am from SFO this morning (Wednesday).  After a stop in Denver where the wind chill was -7, it was a quick two-hour flight to New Orleans. Signs of Super Bowl fever are everywhere here in the Big Easy,  from programs ,… Read More »

Happy 01_01_2013 and Jeff Kan Lee

2012 is in the history books. Here is a photographic chronicle of Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino counties from the photo staff here at the PD;  photos from John Burgess, Christopher Chung, Crista Jeremiason, Jeff Kan Lee, Kent Porter and Beth Schlanker. Photos aside… -A special shout out to photographer and good friend Jeff Kan Lee who for 44 years documented the Redwood Empire, printed on the pages of the Press Democrat.  Jeff has been shooting pictures longer than I’ve been… Read More »


Since I am forced to sit in an airline seat for the next five hours and consume questionable airline food, I will blog. What is it with the captain of the airplane?  Not their skills you know, but their voice over the intercom.  This is what you are supposed to hear.  “Ladies and Gentleman, from the flight deck we welcome you aboard flight 612 to some where.  We are cruising comfortably at 34 thousand feet and the weather at where… Read More »

SFO To Williamsport

Looking out on a portal of parched landscape 34 thousand feet above Nevada, I travel east for my fifth World Series. Mind you, this is unlike any World Series I’ve covered for the Press Democrat.  Major League Baseball may call their version of the fall classic a World Series, what with players from all over the Third Rock from the Sun playing in the league.  But it’s not a true WS. The MLB doesn’t play the winner of any other country… Read More »

Moto a go-go

Yep, the Amgen Tour of California (TOC) has come and gone from Santa Rosa.  Professional bike racing is comparable to the other racing event that is awash in advertising sponsorship, namely NASCAR’s annual visit to Sonoma County in June.  The  TOC has grown exponentially, arguably the third most popular bike race in the world, behind the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia.  Some riders may disagree on that assumption, but the Amgen has become a big time event, swooping in… Read More »

Junk in the Trunk

I gauge the season by the type of gear that bivouacs in my work vehicle. Winter: -waders -rain coat and poncho -plastic bags -towels -kleenex (to wipe water away from lenses and cameras) -extra change of everything -hand warmers Spring: -Same as above -bug spray Summer: -get rid of the rain gear -keep the bug spray -shorts -swim goggles  -nomex fire gear -sunscreen -baseball hats -Tecnu and calamine lotion for those days I wander off  and fall in to poison oak… Read More »

Cobwebs on the camera

The past few weeks for me have been spent in a small room with a mega fast computer and two computer screens. Cutting video.  Video is fun, don’t get me wrong. It makes you look at things on a moving scale, incorporating your style of shooting in to a cohesive (hopefully) story line. In college, the great John LeBaron told me that I should get a degree in painting, citing that I was always spot toning my black and white… Read More »


One of my son’s spelling words last week was hordes.  That’s exactly what AT&T Park resembled this past week in San Francisco during the World Series.  Getting from photo spots on the field back to the workroom was slow going Wednesday and Thursday. Walking down stairs from the view level to ground floor took almost 20 minutes. Several skirmishes broke out in the stairwell as each party would accuse the other of pushing.  All was happily raucous during the games,… Read More »

Media, media, media

We used to be called press. TV stations were called television. Now, it’s just The Media. I hate being lumped in to that name. The Press Democrat credentials for the World Series have Media emblazoned all over it. Ugh. During the Giants – Rangers workout Tuesday at AT&T Park in San Francisco, there was enough MEDIA to fill a cruise ship. About 30 still photographers, and about the same for television clogged up the warning track in the infield. We… Read More »

Behind the scenes

Covered the debate between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown the other night at Dominican University in San Rafael. Yea, somebody had to do it. How do you photograph an event without really covering the meat of the action? Carefully and with strings attached. My experience with these types of large scale television productions is the limited amount of access for many, including local television stations.  Networks hold the key to TV land.  When the big three arrive, it seems to… Read More »