Red Flag Warning

Yeah, the calendar says April, but looks a lot like June around here. It's not rocket science to look at the surrounding vegetation to understand that we haven't had much rainfall this calendar year. Thus, north winds coupled with low humidity and high temperatures has prompted the National Weather Service [...]

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Fire Light

It's a given.  Our job as news photographers is to cover news both good and bad.  It's what we do; what we are good at.  I would stink at selling real estate, building furniture  (the wood bowl I made in high school wood shop didn't look anything like a bowl) [...]

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Got Wind?

Hang on to your hat.  A wind storm is on the horizon.  If the forecast holds true, this could be a prolonged damaging event, with winds a little stronger that the wind storm we had way back in March, gusts reached as high as 50mph that night. The National Weather [...]

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Kicking and screaming

March ended with an early season heat wave. About time, Mrs. Nature. Oh, but those couple 'o weeks of rain were gully washers.  Old Man Winter, the husband of the Mrs., was going out kicking and screaming. Mother Earth wasn't giving up that easily, especially after we were teased with [...]

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