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Weather and photography, the perfect marriage

P-Town Victory Parade

The kids from Petaluma brought down the house again on Sunday as an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 people  jammed the streets for Petaluma National Little League’s trip through the Little League World Series victory parade in P-Town.  From appearances, the crowd rivaled a Butter and Egg Day’s Parade soiree. The crowd was loud too. When fellow photog Christopher Chung and I covered the Giants homecoming, The City crowd was deafening to the point of standing next to speakers at a… Read More »

End Summer

What can best be described as an incredible summer, the Petaluma National Little League All-Stars baseball season has come to an end.  Oh sure, there will be travel and fall ball, but the team that traveled to South Williamsport for the Little League World Series is one for the record books.  With older kids moving up to new age groups, the players will face a realization that a dichotomy is taking place.  These kids will be bonded by their baseball accomplishments… Read More »

Graduation Fever

Press Democrat staff and freelance photographers published 434 commencement photos online this past weekend.  Before the online world and photo galleries, the paper would publish maybe 10 photos from the entire graduation season.  There simply was not enough space in the newspaper for all the high school and college graduations.  Now there is a ton of space on the web and even less space in the paper. This week will be no different with 13 different graduations to be photographed… Read More »

Slice of Life

Had a few minutes to burn before the next assignment last Friday (Feb. 17) and ran across this scene out in Two Rock Valley of kids doing what they do best, having fun.   -Kent Porter


You just never know what your going to see at a graduation.  Most times, it’s beach equipment flying around the graduates.  Or tortilla’s.  I’ve seen blow-up dolls,  Silly String, champagne (college graduation) air horns, green hair and once a guitar.  I’m sure there have been other things. Friday night was a little different.  For the most part, the Elsie Allen High School graduation was a pretty mellow event.  No beach equipment was seen, no air horns or food product of… Read More »

Santa Rosa Saturday

Saturday dawned beautiful and windy. Good for sun worshippers, bad for allergy sufferers. Still, the world keeps turning and the newspaper’s daily evolution of tearing it down and filling it back up, goes on. The first assignment of the day was to photograph the Sonoma County Robotics Challenge.  There is a part of me that still gets a kick out of building things, my son also enjoys creating his own Lego contraptions and improving on them. Kids being kids. The… Read More »


Yesterday I covered the Friends of the Petaluma River Tom Sawyer Days on the, um…Petaluma River.  Lots of kids running around building rafts, putting said rafts in to the river.  That was kind of neat. Growing up on a lake afforded my friends and I endless adventures, building rafts, camping, fishing and endless summer days of swimming.  You know just being a kid.  That’s what I observed yesterday. When I noticed five year-old Drake Newell on a dry docked boat… Read More »

The eye’s have it

Every once in awhile, a photojournalist will capture an image that they really like.  Images that will make the reader cry, fret, hate or laugh out loud. Pictures that wield an emotional comment have done their job. They have communicated. A myriad of daily assignments confront a newspaper photographer day in and day out. Every assignment or situation has the moment in which the best picture can be made.  In the wound up world of a photographer, patience is our… Read More »

Soccer as Performance Art

Okay, I meant to post these awhile back, but never got to it. I think I photographed one soccer game this year, but I am always amazed the skill it takes to play this game. Soccer has always reminded me of Performance Art, not exactly ballet, but not quite modern dance either.   Westside Story? These are just a few from The Casa Grande at Santa Rosa NCS playoff match on Nov. 11, 2009.  Photos by Kent Porter, The Press Democrat… Read More »