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Weather and photography, the perfect marriage

Weather or not to be POL

I’m getting ahead of myself, but not really.  I meant to post from the NFC Championship football game in Atlanta, but found that time is not my buddy anymore.  I did venture outside of Atlanta to photograph the countryside and for sure the piney woods of Georgia has splendor all its own.  Hopefully the text I’ve written will have a few photos to go along with it..I promise to finish it up today…really…but first, here are some local photos from… Read More »

Dusk at Spring Lake

Along with several assignments on Friday afternoon, I was tasked with finding a feature picture (slice of life) For Saturday’s newspaper.  Friday was one of those days no one goes outside, it was cold overcast and just plain ugly.  Not good for me.  As dusk grew ever closer I went to my good ‘ol stand by, Spring Lake. It’s easy enough to make a photo there and with the light running out I took my chances someone would be exercising.… Read More »

Cloud nine

I’m behind in my posts.  Flying back from the Little League World Series in South Williamsport PA., our flight encountered nearly four hours of cloud cover.  Being the cloud geek, I felt obligated to make a few photos from my window seat in row 5A. Have a great week. -Kent Porter    

Air Portal

Ever wonder why there are so many windows in an airport?  When you are lounging in one of those comfortable seats at your designated gate (A8) with 963 other people, questions come to mind. Will my flight be late? Will I get a cold on the jet? Who designs those spacious airline seats? Will the guy next to you snore the entire six hour trip and suffer deodorant breakdown? Does anyone ever purchase a nose hair trimmer from in-flight magazines?… Read More »

Now that’s a cloud

Sky watcher I am.  My head is either in a cloud or behind a camera.  When I can find a way to combine the two, my inner weather geekdom is happy. The cumulus build-up has been pretty incredible the last few days over  forests way to the north.  At any rate, this time of the year can be interesting for thunderstorms.  I shot this picture while on Hall Road in Santa Rosa this past Wednesday.  For those people who are… Read More »

Plane contrails and other things

January, the uneventful month. Except if you like warm days with nary a rain drop. Photographically for me, it was kind of slow. A small vacation, working the photo desk and finishing up contest entries took most of my time. It never stays slow for too long, though.  During the last week or so the job has kicked up a few notches. Pretty soon, parade season will be upon SoCo people and then… summer. I’m no fan of winter, save… Read More »

Sorta kinda outtakes

Sometimes you’ll see it in the newspaper, sometimes you won’t. Dubbya dubbya dubbya is the fathomless, infinite vehicle in which photos are placed and viewed in perpetuity, never to face the undignified glorious death by fish wrapper or folded and glued to the bottom of your neighbors parakeet cage. Naw, the web is a great place to show off  photo work even after you’re pushing up daisies.  In perpetuity. -Kent Porter

Unsettled it is

Start.  Stop.  Start.  Stop. Tuesday’s weather in a nutshell. I hung out on a few street corners this morning, waiting for people with umbrellas to walk by an interesting and colorful background. Had a gentleman call the police on me because he didn’t believe I was with the Press Democrat.  Excuse me, I was on a public sidewalk. I didn’t photograph him anyway, he lacked an umbrella. Had a very unstable man cuss me out near ZAP at Fifth and… Read More »