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Weather and photography, the perfect marriage

LagunaPic Late March 2014

Difficult to get to the Laguna de Santa Rosa on a timely basis, even though it’s only a few miles to any location along it’s marshy banks. However, I have made a point to get out there at least a few times as the latest in a series of spring storms rumbled through.  My first day back was spent walking a nearly one mile stretch of the Laguna, this after a mini heat spell reinvigorated growth of just about every… Read More »

LagunaPic 12.10.13

Days of ice at the Laguna de Santa Rosa (and elsewhere) will come to an end by the middle of the (Thursday?) week.  For the time being, the ice remains. Thanks to the Sonoma County Bird Rescue Center for the ID on the bird above…. -Kent Porter  

LagunaPic 11.26.13

Originally, I went to the Laguna de Santa Rosa Tuesday to photograph Jose Ochoa feeding his cattle alfalfa hay, near the intersection of Occidental and Sanford Roads.  I’m continuously surprised by how the light changes from minute to minute and the dichotomy of the Laguna which provides multiple opportunities to make interesting pictures in its environs, by being in the right place at the right time.   I arrived early.  Obviously a good sunrise is too good to pass up.… Read More »

LagunaPic 11.22.13

My apologies go out to Sunridge Charter School of Sebastopol for not posting pictures of their Lantern Walk in the Laguna de Santa Rosa Friday, November 22. The group of second graders construct paper lanterns and walk the connected paths around the Laguna Wetlands Preserve in Sebastopol, singing a variety of songs. Rarely do I go to the Laguna with an idea in mind, I just photograph whatever piques my curiosity.  At the preserve Friday to photograph two hawks I’ve… Read More »

LagunaPic 11.04.13

A Community Shared Agriculture program in Sebastopol, the Laguna Farm workers till the soil of the Laguna de Santa Rosa. Underwater for much of the winter, the fields are used to grow vegetables and salad greens for the remainder of the dry season.  Located off Cooper Road in Sebastopol, Laguna Farm members receive a bounty of items almost weekly in a box of produce harvested from the land.  If you can think of a vegetable, most likely it’s grown sustainably on the farm.  On… Read More »

LagunaPic 10.17.13

Twenty four years ago today, I was hanging off the side of the Bay Bridge photographing the devastating effects of the Loma Prieta earthquake which so rudely shattered the lives of those living in the Bay Area.  I was at the Laguna de Santa Rosa this evening photographing birds.  Oddly, the weather seems about the same as it was those many years ago. Thankfully, no earthquakes.  Just beautiful light. Whether by coincidence or dumb luck, I was in the right… Read More »

LagunaPic 10.16.13

On the very southern edge of the Laguna de Santa Rosa is a series of connected flood control channels at Stony Point Road and Rohnert Park Expressway.  In the past couple of years the Santa Rosa Pumpkin Patch has sprouted from the fertile flood plain, the Laguna soil ideal for growing pumpkins, corn and sunflowers. Run by Karly Church and Charlie Morrison, the patch is located next to the Morrison Dairy off Stony Point Road. After battling the inevitable highway… Read More »

LagunaPic 10.09.13

There are days. There are days you are happy just to wake up. Smell the air; feel the bite of autumn and the soft, crisp sound of leaves underfoot. Bask in the grace of Indian Summer, wipe the sweat from your brow; bundle up at twilight and listen to the community of nature in fading light.  Like the first early winter rain, it’s a secret sound meant for those interested in what it says. Revel in light that reveals a… Read More »

LagunaPic 10.08.13

Obviously it’s been a few days since I posted anything of the Laguna de Santa Rosa.  You can blame the Oakland A’s and the 49ers. Here you are… -Kent Porter