High And Dry

Taking the backroads on a fine Sonoma County Mothers Day, our family spotted this on Slusser Road near the Airport. Why do people dump their unwanted items on the side of Sonoma County's rural roads?  In the miles I've driven in the past few months, a lot more [...]

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Georgia on my Mind

I said Georgia, oh Georgia No peace I find  Just an old sweet song Keeps Georgia on my mind. ---The tune, first recorded in 1930, was made popular by Ray Charles in 1960 as part of the album "The Genius Hits the Road" and was made the Georgia state song [...]

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Ken Burns Dust Bowl and a Big Surprise

There I was last night, nice and comfortable watching another epic Ken Burns production on Public Television, this time on The Dust Bowl in the Southern Plains.  Ken Burns is a documentary filmmaker that gets it.  Burns takes an extraordinary amount of energy to put all the pieces together, painstakingly [...]

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Final Flight of the Endeavour

This can be a strange and unusual job.  One day it's a wildfire, maybe a county Supervisor's meeting.  The next could be a football game or a black tie event.  It really never gets boring. That's why I jumped at the chance to photograph the final flight of the Shuttle [...]

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