Lets All Go To The Mosh Pit

I missed the whole grunge, punk slam dance thing growing up.  Even as a professional in the middle of my career, I never really photographed a punk band or any kind of grunge band for that matter. The only thing I remember about the 1990's is that some really awful [...]

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Peggy Sue’s Cruise

So far, the weather has been nothing like last year.  Warm temperatures, scant rainfall and outdoor activities have reigned since pretty much the end of April.  So the unofficial start to summer (which officially lands on June 20) kicked off with Peggy Sue's All American Cruise this past weekend in [...]

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Apple a day

I wanted to post these last week.  However, work got in the way.  Here are a few frames from the Gravenstien Apple Fair in Sebastopol, August 13, 2011.     -Kent Porter

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Twilight parade

Animals need to show off too. The 62nd annual Future Farmers Twilight Parade in Healdsburg provided the appropriate platform for animals and people to show-off. Last weeks Rose Parade was not the last walking fest, as reported in my last post (a little more research would've helped I guess). Thus [...]

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Rightside upside down

This photo looks a lot better upside down.  I mean rightside up.  I mean...  Oh crud, you get the picture. It was published on the web this way... Obviously seeing his face makes the picture, which is easier to see upside down. -Kent Porter

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Rosy hues

How many parades?  I've lost the count on the number of times I've ambled alongside the Luther Burbank Rose Parade.  Each year tends to be a little different. Some years, colors of the Rose Parade are subdued, other times it's awash in the spectrum of light. Luckily, the 117th walking [...]

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You Fool You!

It's the unofficial start of parade season.  The Occidental Fools Parade went off without a hitch in downtown Occidental Saturday afternoon.  The seamless blending of happy hippies, geeks, thespians, wine country tourists and whoever else wanted to flaunt their Bay to Breakers paraphernalia, became a west county resident for an [...]

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Santa Rosa Saturday

Saturday dawned beautiful and windy. Good for sun worshippers, bad for allergy sufferers. Still, the world keeps turning and the newspaper's daily evolution of tearing it down and filling it back up, goes on. The first assignment of the day was to photograph the Sonoma County Robotics Challenge.  There is [...]

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Hello feet, it’s Parade Season

Spring. Parade Season. Lets face it, I've photographed more parades than I can actually remember. My feet tremble this time of year. It's a lot of walkin' bro. It all started with the Lucerne Alpine Day's Parade in 1981 and then some sort of parade the next weekend in Lakeport. [...]

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Hey, It’s just who we are!

It was my turn to work this past Sunday.  When you're the only photog working on Sunday, it can get hairy.  After a day of driving nearly 150 miles around Sonoma County, my last assignment was to shoot Sebastopol's Earth Day Celebration.  I always expect something a little different in [...]

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