Photo U-Turn

It's not very often you find a one of a kind feature photograph.  I judge great feature photographs as an uncommon event, something unusual that happens during a common occurence.  When cruising for a feature photograph, I drive through areas that might make a nice backdrop with plenty of people [...]

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Garbage on Fire

From time to time we hear these calls on our police scanners and just happen to be in the area.  Just another day in Sonoma County.   -Kent Porter

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Just Missed

Came across this funny picture today while on assignment off Pine Flat Road. Just hit the target if you're going to shoot.   -Kent Porter

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Moon over Glove

Last year at this time, Christopher Chung, John Burgess and I were shooting baseball playoffs and World Series at AT&T Park . This year, alas, no such luck. Instead, football is being played on turf relegated more to ground balls than midfield tackles. The California Golden Bears are renting new [...]

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X marks the spot

Had a shoot yesterday near Tomales.  Beautiful country.  Rolling hills, cows, hawks and waterways.  Picture perfect.  Dairy farmer Mike Moretti was the subject,  for an upcoming story in the Sunday Press Democrat. So I hung around for a few hours because the light was really nice and Moretti works very [...]

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Take my picture, please

Most if not all domesticated animals are pretty curious, especially when a stranger is about.  'Twas the case a few days ago with some goats. Everyone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame. -Kent Porter

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Cat rescue

When I first got in to this photojournalism thing,  I ran across a series of photos in News Photographer magazine- 27 years ago- of a cat being rescued from a tree by firefighters.  The photos were pretty amusing. Up until Wednesday (Aug. 24) I'd never seen anything remotely resembling a [...]

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It’s so hot you can fry an egg…

It's so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk.  Well, not really. This is a mini heat wave. A junior to the senior heat we get in August and September. This is a non-fry an egg on the sidewalk type of wanna be broiler. With a little time [...]

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Things strike me funny once in awhile.  While on assignment at Empire College on Friday May 20, a humorous scene presented itself. Teach on, Skeletor. -Kent Porter

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Please do not leave your bag unattended

Allen Sovory II hadn't been back to Sonoma County in nearly 15 years since attending Rio Lindo Academy in Healdsburg. Sovory, from southern California, is a singer-songwriter whose songs have been used in a number of movies, including The Fan; Jason's Lyric; Blue Crush; The Sixth Man and American Wedding. [...]

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