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Weather and photography, the perfect marriage

Harvest Moon

If you are out and about near sunset this evening, the Harvest Moon will be in full view.  With the recent heat and dust particulates in the atmosphere the moon should appear larger than normal.  The September full Moon occurs closest to the autumnal equinox. Native Americans would call it the Full Corn Moon, signaling the harvest of corn.  Whereas the moon rises nearly 50 minutes later each day, the Harvest Moon rises about 25-30 minutes later making the moon, land… Read More »

Final Flight of the Endeavour

This can be a strange and unusual job.  One day it’s a wildfire, maybe a county Supervisor’s meeting.  The next could be a football game or a black tie event.  It really never gets boring. That’s why I jumped at the chance to photograph the final flight of the Shuttle Endeavour.  Although I knew it meant breaking the old sleep through the night routine, I’ve always wanted to photograph a launch of the space shuttle.  Since that never happened,  the… Read More »

Transit of Venus

I had the chance to photograph the much anticipated transit of Venus on Tuesday June 5.  Using a special filter put together by Director of Photography Chad Surmick (for last months solar eclipse) I was able to get a clear shot of the once in a lifetime planetary show.  I took my chances at the end of the day to venture to the coast for the sunset, where wispy cirrus clouds were blotting the horizon.  I figured the colors would… Read More »


The view from my backyard of the Annualar eclipse this afternoon…the images were taken just a few minutes apart.       -Kent Porter

Full Moon-Set 2012

Welcome to the new year.  After a week of much needed vacation, I photographed the full moon setting in the western sky this morning.  Have a good day. -Kent Porter


After a Friday night of shooting football and finally falling asleep at about 1am Saturday morning, I dragged myself out of a dreamless slumber at 4:30am, slipped north up the 101 and headed to the Geysers to get a clear view of the lunar eclipse.  Surprisingly, as the valley was shivering at 30 degrees, up at Hawkeye Ranch, the sky was clear of haze and the air temperature was a balmy 65 degrees (it’s a thermal belt thing). I love… Read More »

Moon over Glove

Last year at this time, Christopher Chung, John Burgess and I were shooting baseball playoffs and World Series at AT&T Park . This year, alas, no such luck. Instead, football is being played on turf relegated more to ground balls than midfield tackles. The California Golden Bears are renting new digs while their home stadium in Berkeley is undergoing renovation. I was fortunate to shoot the Cal-USC game last Thursday night. I love to shoot at AT&T Park, but it… Read More »