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Weather and photography, the perfect marriage

Summer Flames: Spring Blooms

Follow me on Twitter: @kentphotos Instagram:  kpfotog     Patience.  It’s what’s best about a journalist.  Wait it out, something will take place worthy of documentation.  Like all wildfires, it takes years for flora and fauna to return to normal. Decades in some cases.  In my own experience, the spring after a major wildfire…with the help of a wet winter, can transform a fire scarred landscape to a palette of color. I’ve been back to Lake County so many times… Read More »

Opening Day? Night? Week?

Follow me on Twitter @kentphotos Instagram:  kpfotog It used to be almost all Major League Baseball games opened during daylight hours.  Even if teams had lights, games were played under the sun. You know, because baseball fans are ravenous and treat the game as religion.  Actress Susan Sarandon as Annie Savoy in ‘Bull Durham’ said it best:  “I believe in the Church of Baseball. I’ve tried all the major religions and most of the minor ones.”   Of course I… Read More »

Dungeness Crab Season Begins

Twitter: @kentphotos  Instagram: kpfotog   Spent a little time in Bodega Bay Monday, March 29, 2016 for the start of the long delayed Dungeness crab season. Fisherman didn’t celebrate too much, they were much to busy getting their crab pots baited and readied to be dropped.  I wanted to show the frenetic pent-up energy that has been in check for more than five months, but what I saw was a finely tuned routine of making sure everything was set to… Read More »

Storm Hike

Follow me on Twitter: @kentphotos     Instagram: kpfotog   Monday started out much like today (Tuesday) cold and clear plus some wind.  As fickle as a NorCal spring can be, we were all tempted by bright blue skies and comfortable temperatures. Hanging out at Taylor Mountain Regional Park and Open Space Preserve in Santa Rosa (waiting to shoot an assignment..the subject cancelled because of the weather) the clouds kept building and eventually it rained….and hailed.  Having chased a few… Read More »

A New Year, Same Photog

Follow me on Twitter: @kentphotos     Instagram: kpfotog It’s been an interesting six months or so. Lake County’s Valley fire sent me for a loop, but the nightmares have passed; I’ve lost 30 pounds and summer is right around the corner.  With that, El Nino made an appearance, filling reservoirs and greening up NorCal.  The Laguna de Santa Rosa came precariously close to flooding Occidental Road, but the spigot tightened before any major inundating could plague Sonoma County.  Wind… Read More »

Valley Fire: One Month Later

Follow me on Twitter: @kentphotos Instagram: kpfotog “When the wind picked up, the fire spread And the grapevines seemed left for dead And the northern sky looked like the end of days The end of days” “The firemen worked in double shifts With prayers for rain on their lips And they knew it was only a matter of time” Excerpts from “Grapevine Fires” by Death Cab for Cutie The horrendous first days of the Valley fire, which roared to life… Read More »

The Valley fire – a photographer’s story from the frontlines

Follow me: Twitter @kentphotos Instagram:  kpfotog   Extreme reporting is what I call it. Some folks jump out of perfectly good airplanes, some surf with sharks and still others free climb huge cliffs; there are those that walk tightropes over 1,000 foot canyons.  Yes, everyone has their extreme something.  In the news biz, we cover just about anything and everything.  It takes a ton of curiosity and a willingness to put yourself in unenviable positions in order to tell a… Read More »

Air Tanker Palooza

Follow me on Twitter: @kentphotos Instagram: kpfotog   There are fire seasons when I don’t make a picture of an air tanker dropping that bright reddish pink phos-chek which has become such a visible part of wildland coverage.  I might be in the wrong place on the blaze, only to see the tail end of the drop.  This has always been an integral part of aerial firefighting, now more than ever with “mega” fires breaking out year over year. Ask any wildland fire photographer, the tanker… Read More »

After the Media Leave

Follow me on Twitter: @kentphotos   Instagram:  kpfotog   National News.  We’ve had our share here on the North Coast.  Disaster happens, national media flood in, tell a story of devastation with a quick exit stage right.  As such with the Rocky fire in Lake County.  Pictures sent to the Associated Press by PD staffers were published world-wide.  The national folks descended en masse.  After a week, most were gone. The story doesn’t end when the big boys and girls leave.  It will take years… Read More »

Super Moon

Follow mew on twitter: @kentphotos  Instagram: kpfotog   The skies have been smoky for weeks.  Hoping that the rain (rain?) would wipe our air clean in Sonoma County this past weekend, I was hoping for a crystal clear sky to shoot the latest super/full moon Saturday.  The air did get scrubbed, but the moon still appeared yellow, so smoke remains.  Coming up next month?  Another super moon coupled with a lunar eclipse.   -Kent Porter