Nocturnal lightning

I've been watching the weather (well I always do that) for almost a week now. By reading forecasts, studying weather models and in general watching the sky a little more closely.  First the heat wave that was not really a barn burner -not in Santa Rosa anyway- which then left [...]

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What’s Average? Not the Rainfall

All day I've faced the barren waste  With out the taste of water... cool, water. Ole Dan and I, with throats burned dry, and souls that cry  for water... cool, clear water. Vaughn Monroe/ Sons of the Pioneers - COOL WATER (1948)  RCA Victor Records It was bound to [...]

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Excessive Heat Watch

The last breath of summer?  Maybe.  Whatever the case, the National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Watch, which means that a prolonged period of hot temperatures is expected.  The area of the watch includes the interior of the North Bay Valleys and mountains, which means Sonoma County and [...]

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Red Flag Warning

Ready for this?  The moisture laden remnants of  an Eastern Pacific tropical system is being funneled north and will interact with a low pressure trough off the West Coast.  According to a National Weather Service advisory, some of the storms will include dry lightning strikes which elevates the fire danger [...]

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Fire Weather Watch

As has been the case most of the 2012 spring, the wind is back with warm temperatures and low relative humidity.  After last weeks wind event, everything is pretty much dried out.  Coupled with the warm temperatures and winds for this weekend the National Weather Service has issued a fire [...]

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Red Flag Warning

The firefighting community knew it was inevitable.  With several days of wind, dry brush and a scant amount of rain The National Weather Service has posted a red flag warning for the North and East Bay hills tonight through Sunday morning June 10, 2012.  That means the winds will be [...]

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Check this out

The weather geek that I am, I was scrolling through my usual sites this evening landing on the watch and warning page for the National Weather Service which looks like a roadmap of ice.  Take a look at this link.  I don't think Punxsutawney Phil is going to be seeing his [...]

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Thermal belt

We're lucky down here in the flats.  Even though the last few days have been rather toasty, it cools off nicely at night.  Not so for those that live in the hills.  The  low at the Geysers this morning was 81 degrees with a relative humidity of 15%.  In fact, [...]

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What was the low temperature last night?

Pretty warm yesterday, right?  Yes, 106 degrees is on the extreme for Santa Rosa. Just to give some insight of how warm our mountains are, one just needs to look at the RAWS system around our the area. At Hawkeye  near the Geysers, the low overnight was 88.  Hopland, near [...]

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Heat Advisory

The National Weather Service has updated their Excessive Heat Watch to a Heat Advisory for the North Bay interior valleys for this Monday afternoon thru 8pm PST Tuesday. Stay Hydrated! -Kent Porter

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