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Windy it will be

Allergy sufferers beware.  A tight pressure gradient spurred on by a ridge of high pressure parked over California, will lead to an offshore wind event later today  (Thursday) and in to Friday Mar. 19. The National Weather Service has not posted any wind advisories for our area but some sections of the Napa Hills and the Central Valley are in an advisory box. Predicted winds tonight will be around 11mph for the lower plains of SoCo with our mountainous areas… Read More »


I’ve gotten tons of email on the lightning pictures I shot on September 12 near the Hawkeye Ranch above Geyserville. Most were complimentary, while one person said she was “sure it was judgement day” and another thought that I was crazy like a loon to be out in lightning. I’m not crazy, just driven to get great weather shots for PD readers to see. What you don’t see, or rarely hear about is what the experience is like while shooting… Read More »