LagunaPic 07.15.14

It's getting to be that time of the year when the light gets great.  That's a good thing for photographers who live and die by the Magic Hour.  Yesterday at the Laguna de Santa Rosa, Bud Pozzini of the Double Tree Ranch and Saddle Shop was giving lessons to calf ropers on [...]

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LagunaPic 07.04.14

Fourth of July.  Not a creature was stirring.  Well except the fish jumping and he bullfrogs croaking.  And an owl.  I saw an owl.  Other than, yep, just another quiet night at the Laguna de Santa Rosa. A moonlit night at the Laguna de Santa Rosa, Friday July 4, 2014. (Kent [...]

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Butts Canyon Fire

Much has been written (er...photographed) this year on California's now extreme drought-see below-It was just a matter of time before fire season caught up with the dry conditions.  It's not hype.  Conditions are about as critical as it can get for this time of year, save for lightning and offshore [...]

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LagunaPic 06.25.14

Got Laguna?  Why yes, right here.  Flippancy aside, you are correct  to assume that I've not trained my camera on the Laguna de Santa Rosa for awhile.  That doesn't mean I haven't thought about it. I figured there would be good photos to make as the last cold front bobbled over Sonoma County, dropping [...]

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LagunaPic 05.15.14

A march through the Laguna de Santa Rosa Thursday yielded a ton of bird sightings.  Im not sure what kind of bird it is, there are so many species at the Laguna, but the bird below seemed to be giddy, having snatched a dragonfly in mid air.  The bird kept [...]

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LagunaPic 05.09.14

Yes, I'm still around and have been out to the Laguna de Santa Rosa.  However, the pictures just haven't seemed worthy to put them here.  When I undertook the project, I thought it would be pretty easy.  I guess I lost that game show. For whatever it's worth, here you [...]

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LagunaPic 04.21.14

There's a lot of green now at the Laguna de Santa Rosa.  A late season cold front overran the skies and made for very even, saturated light Monday afternoon. A white crane lands on a snag at the Laguna de Santa Rosa, Monday April 21, 2014. )Kent Porter / [...]

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LagunaPic 04.04.14

At certain times of the year, the landscape can change and resemble a different part of the country.  Yesterday at the Laguna de Santa Rosa, towering thunderstorms made it seem a little like New Mexico.  Originally photographed in color, I converted the frame over to black and white. Juan [...]

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LagunaPic 04.01.14

No fooling, it was critter day at the Laguna de Santa Rosa. A raccoon waddles down a path in search of food at the Laguna de Santa Rosa, Tuesday April 14, 2014. (Kent Porter / Press Democrat) 2014 In full plumage, wild turkey's chase off competing males [...]

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LagunaPic Late March 2014

Difficult to get to the Laguna de Santa Rosa on a timely basis, even though it's only a few miles to any location along it's marshy banks. However, I have made a point to get out there at least a few times as the latest in a series of spring [...]

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