LagunaPic 03.05.14

With more rain, the angle of the sun and the warm days, the Laguna de Santa Rosa is stumbling out of winter.  Mustard patches are showing and  grazing pastures are carpeted with thick green grass.  Still, the storms keep moving in, climbing an uphill battle against the drought. Mustard [...]

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LagunaPic 02.28.14

The latest in a series of winter storms hammered California Friday.  Heavy downpours rolled across the Laguna de Santa Rosa at the Balletto Vineyards. Heavy rain obscures the horizon at the Balletto Vineyards in the Laguna de Santa Rosa, Friday Feb. 28, 2014. (Kent Porter / Press Democrat) 2014 [...]

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LagunaPic 02.25.14

A storm on the horizon; another opportunity to make sunset photos at the Laguna de Santa Rosa. -Kent Porter

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LagunaPic 02.24.14

After the "Great Flood of The Laguna" receded, I was able to make it to spots that were inundated just days before.  As i've written before, it seems the Laguna goes through a transformation; it's wiped clean of summer and fall clutter.  The fall grasses are becoming mulch now and [...]

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LagunaPic 02.13.14

You know, when the light gets nice it has to be documented.  So I did.  The Laguna de Santa Rosa in the foreground with Mt. St. Helena  in the background, Thursday afternoon. -Kent Porter

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LagunaPic 02.11.14

Phototopia?  Naw, but the Laguna de Santa Rosa has it's own personality, day to day. -Kent Porter

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LagunaPic 02.10.14

I really don't remember the last time the Laguna de Santa Rosa was this full.  Maybe it was late 2012?  In a space of three days, the Laguna went from famine to feast.  That is, from just a waterway, to small ocean.  The overflow has brought out kayakers to explore [...]

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LagunaPic 02.04.14

The calm before the rainstorm....Not a drought buster, but anything helps. -Kent Porter    

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LagunaPic 02.03.14

It's been a few weeks since a tour of the Laguna de Santa Rosa, but I did go Monday morning and afternoon Feb. 3, 2014. -Kent Porter  

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Red Flag Warning

Update 1:21pm Jan. 22, 2014 The fire weather watch for Lake and Mendocino Counties has been upgraded to red flag warnings which now includes Humboldt and Del Norte County.  Also, fire weather watches are posted for Oregon. Unusual to say the least. Update 1.50pm Those fire weather watches for Humboldt, Del [...]

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