“It’s November, Right?”

Three words "It's November, right?" Have been thrown around quite a bit by some firefighter friends of mine, people on the street, one lady in Safeway and a guy pumping gas in a faded Jeep Wagoneer, Friday afternoon. It feels more like winter in Florida here (even though it's not [...]

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LagunaPic 11.19.13

A soft drizzle blankets the Laguna de Santa Rosa, Tuesday Nov. 19, 2013. -Kent Porter  

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LagunaPic 11.18.13

How long has it been since Sonoma County had measurable rainfall?  If you count the lightning storms of the past summer, you would only get about eight-tenths of an inch.  The last big walloping was December 23, 2012, when 2.3 inches tipped the bucket. That's just about the time the [...]

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LagunaPic 11.14.13

This has been a great year to photograph the full moon.  There's been very little fog...or storms to keep the moon from being camera obscured.  I will generally scout a location the day before which gives a good feel for Sonoma County, or as Cathy Barnett (Executive Editor here at [...]

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LagunaPic 11.12.13

How many times did you ask what the date was today?  Probably one of the easiest mathematical equations to ever remember. 11/12/13. In other words, I took it as an excuse to photograph at the Laguna de Santa Rosa this evening after finishing up my daily assignments.  Would the stars line [...]

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LagunaPic 11.06.13

The mayhem of the Graton Resort and Casino opening in Rohnert Park and the eight frenetic hours I spent inside documenting the event Tuesday gave way to a calmer day in the photo department Wednesday.  With that said, I was able to spend about an hour at the Laguna de [...]

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LagunaPic 11.04.13

A Community Shared Agriculture program in Sebastopol, the Laguna Farm workers till the soil of the Laguna de Santa Rosa. Underwater for much of the winter, the fields are used to grow vegetables and salad greens for the remainder of the dry season.  Located off Cooper Road in Sebastopol, Laguna Farm members receive a [...]

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LagunaPic 10.31.13

On the edge of the Laguna de Santa Rosa in Rohnert Park, local residents soaked in the last sun rays of Halloween at the Santa Rosa Pumpkin Patch off Stony Point Road.  The continuation of  pleasant weather has given summer a little more ledge to hang on. The light for [...]

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LagunaPic 10.30.13

With the events last week, we photogs at the PD have been neck deep in coverage of the Andy Lopez killing.  That didn't leave much time to head to the Laguna de Santa Rosa and shoot photographs.  Beside having an unfortunate scrape with concrete that left my knee and elbow [...]

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LagunaPic 10.22.13

Took a walk around the Laguna today, that is, near Sebastopol's Laguna baseball fields.  I just never know what I'm going to see as the trail unfolds.  The afternoon light remains crazy good, which adds to the depth of the pictures. -Kent [...]

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