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Weather and photography, the perfect marriage

LagunaPic 04.21.14

There’s a lot of green now at the Laguna de Santa Rosa.  A late season cold front overran the skies and made for very even, saturated light Monday afternoon. -Kent Porter    

LagunaPic 04.04.14

At certain times of the year, the landscape can change and resemble a different part of the country.  Yesterday at the Laguna de Santa Rosa, towering thunderstorms made it seem a little like New Mexico.  Originally photographed in color, I converted the frame over to black and white. -Kent Porter    

LagunaPic Late March 2014

Difficult to get to the Laguna de Santa Rosa on a timely basis, even though it’s only a few miles to any location along it’s marshy banks. However, I have made a point to get out there at least a few times as the latest in a series of spring storms rumbled through.  My first day back was spent walking a nearly one mile stretch of the Laguna, this after a mini heat spell reinvigorated growth of just about every… Read More »

LagunaPic 03.05.14

With more rain, the angle of the sun and the warm days, the Laguna de Santa Rosa is stumbling out of winter.  Mustard patches are showing and  grazing pastures are carpeted with thick green grass.  Still, the storms keep moving in, climbing an uphill battle against the drought. -Kent Porter      

LagunaPic 02.28.14

The latest in a series of winter storms hammered California Friday.  Heavy downpours rolled across the Laguna de Santa Rosa at the Balletto Vineyards. -Kent Porter        

LagunaPic 02.24.14

After the “Great Flood of The Laguna” receded, I was able to make it to spots that were inundated just days before.  As i’ve written before, it seems the Laguna goes through a transformation; it’s wiped clean of summer and fall clutter.  The fall grasses are becoming mulch now and green meadow grass is starting to poke through autumn’s matted plants.  Here and there, signs of spring; a budding willow tree, emerging flowers on ludwigia, meadow birds not heard since… Read More »

LagunaPic 02.13.14

You know, when the light gets nice it has to be documented.  So I did.  The Laguna de Santa Rosa in the foreground with Mt. St. Helena  in the background, Thursday afternoon. -Kent Porter