I travel around quite a bit.  One day I may be in the City, the next I could be in Ferndale or Clearlake or Sacramento or Phoenix….It’s an adventure to say the least.

One thing that I love to shoot is the coast.  Out near Big Blue, nature can be put in focus, sometimes up close and personal.  I’ve been chased by elephant seals- got a little to close with a wide angle lens- and have photoed deer from spitting distance.  It’s a soothing place, where tattered and worn souls can be rejuvinated.  

Last Saturday, I spent the day in Fort Bragg, photographing the headlands of the old Georgia Pacific lumber mill.  It was a challenge since I really did not have the access to the site.  Walking the shoreline south of Glass Beach, I was able to get a good representation of what the headlands have to offer the public once the GP land is opened up in two years. 

However, this also meant that I had to climb over lots of rocks and grass lands to get some of the pictures.  I talked with a nice GP security guard when I got a little to close to the beach/GP boundary.  Eric let me get my photos to illustrate the story and I moved on.  

Hiking back, I started to pick the ticks off me.  I hate ticks.  Blood suckers.  They remind of rats. Really small rats.  By the time I got back to my car, I’d  pulled at least 10 off of my clothes and skin. By the time I made it to the Noyo Bridge I pulled another three from my arms.  UGH.

Eventually, somewhere on Hwy. 128 while driving back to SR,  I pulled over, to once and for all to get that crawly feeling out of my system.  I found four more.

That’s when I felt the Eureka earthquake. It was a slow roll, then a jolt and then…nothing.  

Nothing like living in California.

GET READY for the rain.  The heavens are going to open up and bring waterfalls of rain, or so the National Weather Service is predicting.  The upcoming series of storms are likely to put a large dent in a 4.5 water deficit and start filling some of our area reservoirs.  You can bet that if the storms hit as predicted, PD photographers will be out and about covering Sonoma County.  

Stay tuned.