Photojournalists have a certain diet.  Each town offers places that are deemed a hole in the wall where journalists feel comfortable spending our hard earned money and getting the right amount of food for the buck.  Sometimes you have to roll with it and create your own meal from a convenience store.

Three or four years ago,  Reporter Guy Kovner and I took a trip back to Fort Dix in New Jersey to cover Petaluma’s National Guard troops preparing to ship out to Iraq. The flight across country was delayed on the ground in SFO, by thunderstorms in Denver and a heart attack while in mid-flight to Jersey. We had to land in Minneapolis to get the gentleman off the plane and in to an ambulance (he survived).   Needless to say, what should have been a quick six hour flight became a ridiculous 14 hour journey.

By the time we made it to Fort Dix, it was three in the morning. Ravenous.  The only thing open was a 7-11.  On the menu was instant noodles, one of those small mini (textured grease) pizza’s and some carrots.  You do what you can.

It got me to thinking.  What do photogs eat these day’s? I exercise like crazy and burn hundreds of calories, but I try to keep my intake in reason and on the low calorie end.

On a trip down south this week (to the Magical place) I chronicled the more unusual food…I didn’t necessarily eat it.  In a pinch though, sometimes you have to.

Cheese on a stick


For anybody traveling the fast food wasteland that is Interstate 5, Pea Soup Andersen’s is one of the very few places that serves anything which could be considered a healthy meal.  However, I did a double take when I saw Cheese on a Stick.  Being the ever resourceful and curious photographer, I sampled. SAAALTEE.  Probably went a long way for my day’s worth of salt intake. There were lot’s of senior citizens huddled around a table where Cheese on a Stick was standing. It was a platform of cheese!

It was like Costco on a Saturday.

Anyway, this cheese delicacy was not my cup of tea, so to speak.  My wife thinks I’m totally crazy for even trying the stuff. My son wouldn’t even come close to it.

Curiosity killed the cat.