Reporter Bob Norberg and I traveled to Ft. Bragg the other day to report about Bruce Abernathy and his boat graveyard on the shores of the Noyo River.  Finding a place to park on Abernathy’s land, we were warned to be wary of THE geese from a woman who rented a house on his property “They bite” she said.

Visions of geese chasing Bob and I (like on AFV) through the boatyard did come to mind.

Sure enough, two white geese were plenty unhappy to see we had invaded their territory.  They squawked and moaned and dipped their necks, hissing and clacking their beaks. It was kind of intimidating.

As Norberg and I walked with Abernathy, THE geese trailed us, nipping  our heels.  Our guide reached over, grabbed their necks and tossed them in to the water.

Boy, did they get peeved.

Up the bank they came, angrier than ever.  Honks of injustice echoed across the river.  THE geese waddled with amazing speed and in seconds flat were nipping at our legs and knees with pinpoint accuracy.  Bruce put out some feed, but this did not appease THE geese.

Finally, Abernathy had enough and tossed them unceremoniously in to the drink again, where THE geese attacked each other.

Funny, a Canadian goose was watching all of these rather sheepishly.  He was there for the food.

A photo gallery is here.

Bruce Abernathy and his territorial geese. (Kent Porter / The Press Democrat) 2010

-Kent Porter