The mayhem of the Graton Resort and Casino opening in Rohnert Park and the eight frenetic hours I spent inside documenting the event Tuesday gave way to a calmer day in the photo department Wednesday.  With that said, I was able to spend about an hour at the Laguna de Santa Rosa at dusk, calming nerves somewhat.  It was nice to get out and listen to nature this evening.

Billy Christani of Santa Rosa fishes for catfish in the Laguna, Wednesday Nov. 6, 2013 under the crescent moon. (Kent Porter / Prtess Democrat) 2013.

Ducks zip across the sky as dusk deepens above the Laguna, Wednesday Nov. 6, 2013. (Kent Porter / Press Democrat) 2013

Cows head to the feed barn at a ranch on Jerusalem Road at the Laguna, Wednesday Nov. 6, 2013 . (Kent Porter / Press Democrat) 2013

-Kent Porter