They’re lined up in the Pacific. El Nino is knocking. Light rain this afternoon will break down the High Pressure ridge that has been parked over California, then the proverbial storm door, which has been rusted shut for three years, will swing open and produce ‘copious’ amounts of rain. Watch out all you commuters traveling 101 through the Novato narrows, San Antonio Creek may overflow by Wednesday. People traveling on Sonoma County’s backroads, say Mark West Station, Slusser, Windsor Road near the golf course and other low lying areas will be prone to swift moving deep water.

Winds will be an issue, especially for the river residents where redwood and fir trees have a tendency to fall on homes. Flashlights and batteries will be the name of the game for West County and anywhere else power lines are above ground.

One forecaster says that 45 foot waves could pound the coastal areas. I’ve never seen a 45 foot wave in Sonoma County, but the low pressure 970mb bombs sitting out in Big Blue could produce some pretty big waves nonetheless. Couple that with high winds and a high tide, a storm surge could play havoc. Best to be prepared.

PD photogs will be out and about. Stay tuned.