The thunder alarm clock went off promptly at six this morning.  A few flashes of lightning…I thought I was chasing storms in Kansas this morning.  The midwest type weather will continue today as the atmosphere remains quite unstable.  With the warming of the day, thunderstorms will keep popping up.

The National Weather Service has put out a special weather statement this morning about a line of storms starting to come ashore in the Bay Area.  Remember, lightning is pretty spectacular but downright dangerous if a person is caught out in the open or under a canopy of tall trees.  The storms are moving from SW to NE and it’s a good chance SR’s going get hit again, which means more power outages.  The Press Democrat Doppler shows the storms very well.

Wenesday at 1:15 p.m., a cold core funnel cloud was reported about 15 miles SE of the Charles Schulz Sonoma County Airport by tower personnel.  The weirdness isn’t over yet!

-Kent Porter