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Weather and photography, the perfect marriage

Forget Spring. Pass Go to Summer.

California?  We have four season just like everywhere else here on the third rock from the sun. Really. Here are examples: -Summer.  Mild to hot days. Don’t water garden, not enough water. Don T-shirts and sunscreen. Get great tan.  Wear sweatshirts at night; marine layer makes it feel like winter. -Fall.  Feels a lot like summer, ramp up temperatures 10-15 degrees, no need for sweatshirts at night, marine layer vanishes making t-shirts suitable evening attire.  Sorta like summer, but at night.… Read More »

I See Stars. Not the Borealis

Been awhile, eh? Every couple of months I will venture out on a moonless night and photograph the stars.  Just to do it.  Maybe it’s a meteor shower, or a long exposure of a wild land fire.  It’s a little more difficult theses days, well, because I like my sleep.  With the geomagnetic storm that slammed in to Earth during the last day or so,  the hype would have you believe that we NorCal folks might get a glimpse of the show.  So I… Read More »

How Many Days ‘Till Spring Training?

That all depends.  If you’re a top prospect, spring training started with Arizona Fall League. Or the Australian Baseball League and maybe the Caribbean League.  The Dominican Winter League, along with the Mexican Pacific League, Puerto Rican League and Venezuelan Winter League  send their league champions to compete in the Caribbean Series in February, which ends pretty much when Major League Baseball starts their annual right on Feb. 19, 2015. Thats right.  90 days (depending on when you read this). What can you do in 90… Read More »

The Right Light: Sunset At Pozzi Ranch

Everyone knew Vic Pozzi as Farmer Vic.  To the thousands of people that visited his farm while spending vacation time at WorldMark Resort on Shiloh Road, he was the caretaker of 15 brahman bulls, dozens of sheep, gaggles of domesticated geese, a few emus (Elvis and Priscilla among them) and a dog named Jeffrey spread over 20 acres of land.  Vic passed away October 4, from complications of a massive stroke on July 3.   Vic was part of Windsor, the town built around… Read More »

LagunaPic 09.08.14

“Outside the dark is falling, stars are twinkling bright That old hoot owl is calling, every thing’s all right Honky tonk moon.” “Honky Tonk Moon”  by Randy Travis, written by Dennis O’rourke And so, another Harvest Moon rises.   The cool dampness of the air, reminds us; everyone, this long dry summer is listing toward autumn.  With hope that fall rains will ease the burden of drought on California, The Laguna de Santa Rosa runs though the cycle of coming alive in spring,… Read More »

LagunaPic 08.22.14

What with an earthquake putting a little crimp (well, a lot of crimp) in posting photos I shot at the Laguna de Santa Rosa last Friday, Tuesday (today) is my day to catch-up. Without further interruption….. Co-worker Christopher Chung quipped “This is how cows are grown in California”, below. -Kent Porter

A 20 Percent Chance….

When I worked in Texas, there was always a 20 percent chance of thunderstorms.  We all took it with a grain of salt mainly because it was always 110 degrees with no clouds in the sky.  Then the monsoon would funnel in.  Usually it meant the chance of rain was greater during that time of year.  I had to chuckle when I watched the Weather Channel  the other day (yes it’s a weakness) and the forecast called for a 20 percent… Read More »

LagunaPic 07.15.14

It’s getting to be that time of the year when the light gets great.  That’s a good thing for photographers who live and die by the Magic Hour.  Yesterday at the Laguna de Santa Rosa, Bud Pozzini of the Double Tree Ranch and Saddle Shop was giving lessons to calf ropers on his plot of  land at the Laguna.   -Kent Porter  

LagunaPic 07.04.14

Fourth of July.  Not a creature was stirring.  Well except the fish jumping and he bullfrogs croaking.  And an owl.  I saw an owl.  Other than, yep, just another quiet night at the Laguna de Santa Rosa. -Kent Porter

Butts Canyon Fire

Much has been written (er…photographed) this year on California’s now extreme drought-see below-It was just a matter of time before fire season caught up with the dry conditions.  It’s not hype.  Conditions are about as critical as it can get for this time of year, save for lightning and offshore (foehn) wind events. Case in point, the ongoing Butts Fire on the Lake/Napa county line has redefined what we think is dry and what is kindling dry.      … Read More »