When I talk with students about photography, they always want to know what equipment we PD photogs use.  We use Canon cameras I say.  Invariably, I mention it’s not the equipment that makes an interesting picture, it’s the person behind the box that makes it work. When I interned in Midland, Texas a hundred years ago, I would drive my Nikon F3T toting fiveframespersecond boss crazy by using a Nikon FM-2 with a seriously slow motor drive.  I tagged along to shoot high school football and managed to get images just a little better than his;  because I had really good timing (I was young) and really, really wanted succeed in journalism.

I moved to Santa Rosa and he became a prison guard.

Slowing down is the key for capturing the quiet moments that make our lives a little more rich, day in and day out.  Sonoma County is filled with moments- quiet and not so quiet….


kjp0915_Oops_foodJunior high schoolers at Comstock try to hide snacks in the daily lesson…


kp1002_Harvest_laughSt. Rose Elementary boys get a kick out of a bovine making a big mess at the Harvest Fair….


kp1002_MHS_screamA not so quiet Kristi Swegle  at a Montgomery High School football game.


kp1003_VikingI have no idea who this guy is.  But I’m sure he rode 103 miles of the GranFondo anyway.


kp1006_Dance_twoDoes this bring back any memories?


kp0804_Reach_moonSometimes, I get stupid lucky when I shoot.  You could say the stars lined up perfectly…


kp0911_Casa_SunsetNever say never to photographing a sunset.


Whatever the case is, slow down and have some fun with your camera.  You just never know.