Beside wind this past week, the weather has been pretty darn idyllic.  Why else do we live in Sonoma County?  However, writing about nice weather  is very difficult.  “It’s gonna be nice.” That’s what all the forecasters are saying.  

With the lack of inclement goings on, I pulled some photos together that I’ve shot in the last few weeks that are ‘grab shots’.

The pictures are humorous, but missing important elements to make them completely successful.


kp1010_Barney_poseLinda Russell of Santa Rosa greets US Representative Barney Frank (D), representing the Fourth Congressional District of Massachusetts, Saturday Oct. 10, 2009. (By Kent Porter / The Press Democrat) 2009. I did not plan to cut off the head.

kp1030_DogWhile staking out to shoot a photo of Clem Carinalli in federal bankruptcy court, this dog drove by.  It was backlit and I overexposed it.  Gotta love dogs. (By Kent Porter / The Press Democrat) 2009

k1010_Hat_chopperThis gentleman wanted so badly to photograph Sonoma County Sheriff’s helicopter Henry 1 lifting off from Spring Lake after a rescue in Annadel State Park.  He forgot about the rotor wash.  I forgot to be in the right position. (By Kent Porter / The Press Democrat) 2009


kp1024_Flu_noAlan Waggoner, 14, of Santa Rosa can’t bear to watch as Ana Baylor injects an H1N1 vaccine during a drive thru vaccination clinic, Saturday Oct. 24, 2009. (By Kent Porter / The Press Democrat) 2009.  Okay, so not a real terrible photo, but is he swatting a mosquito?  I wasn’t in good position to give the reader the whole story.  Where the syringe?


kp1029_SlumanJeff Sluman, tied for the lead after the first round of the Charles Schwab Cup Championship in Sonoma, gets help from his caddy spotting the hole, Thursday Oct. 29, 2009.  (By Kent Porter / The Press Democrat) 2009.   At least the background is sort of clean.