Every once in awhile I add to my list of things.

By the way, these are all true experiences.

1. Metal tripods and lightning do not mix

2. It’s the photographer, not the camera.

3. Never press the shutter on a famous golfer’s back swing. Make sure you point to the other photographers when you do.

4. Make sure the 20mm lens you are using is mounted tightly to the camera. You’ll never be able to catch it if pops off and rolls down a muddy rain soaked mountain.

5. DO have a good relationship with a great LOCAL camera repair dealer.

6. Learn to identify flora and fauna. Especially the leaves that are that pretty red color in the summer.

7. Have readily available calamine lotion and anti-itch cream.

8. When on the road, remove ALL of your equipment from the trunk of your car.

9. Hailstones will DENT your car.

10. Hailstones will BREAK your windshield.

11. While traveling through the southwest, eat at a Waffle House at least once in your life.

12. Remember, they look cool; but moose will attack.

13. Know the basics about a combustion engine. It may come in handy while that trawler you are on is floating combustion-less on the ocean.

14. Beware of restaurants that have large holes in the seats. Trust me.

15. Do not accuse your professional photographer boyfriend of ruining your vacation film.

16. Beware those hot dogs simmering for six hours at the Super Bowl.

17. Yes indeed, dropping your camera in to saltwater will fry your camera.

18. Fire ants really do bite. Especially while photographing that pretty wildflower at ground level.

19. Photojournalists are not Paparazzi.

20. Be wary of tromping through chest high brush on the California coast. Ticks love fresh meat.

21. Sea elephants are remarkably agile on land and really don’t like strangers with wide angle lenses.

22. A wild turkey will attack an unsuspecting photographer.

23. The key to photographing wildland fires: Bees are everywhere and they just love to defend themselves.

24. Tear gas stings.

25. When you least expect it, a picture will happen.