Observations on the flight to Phoenix. The 737 I am flying on is more than half empty. Most people are sleeping. The only kid on the plane is counting to 10, over and over. During it’s trip to the east the plane and crew will make about 28 stops. Among them are Phoenix, Indianapolis, Austin, Kansas City and St. Louis. I figure this big piece of metal will fly 4,600 miles today, give or take few hundred.

I am told by one flight attendant who didn’t want to be identified, the lack of people on the flight is due partly to the recession, partly because it’s just so darn early. Whatever the reason, It’s the first flight I have taken in a long time on any airline, that has been relatively stress free. Thankyouverymuch.

Just received my complimentary peanuts. Since I have a family member allergic to nut products, I instinctively look at the ingredients label on the back of anything edible. The peanuts packaged in Solon, Ohio include ‘Peanuts Roasted in Peanut and/or Canola oil, Salt.’ In small italic print it also says “Produced in a facility that processes peanuts and other nuts”

Full and total disclosure.

On the back of the safety information card, illustrations marked with the Ghostbusters symbol, point out what you can’t bring on to the plane. Lighters, matches, boom boxes, portable radios, cigarettes and…remote controlled cars. Okay, next time I’ll leave mine at home.

In Phoenix now, credential secured around my neck. Picked up a A’s Spring Training guide and whoa..who are these guys?. I only recognize a few of them, Chavez, Cust, Coco Crisp, Mark Ellis, Suzuki, Ben Sheets and Ryan Sweeney.

A dozen senior citizens are wiping down the spectator seats getting ready for fans, John Mellencamp is blasting out over the stadium PA system and the A’s are taking batting practice before their game with the Rangers this afternoon. It sort of feels like Sonoma County here, it’s overcast and cool..but dry. Did I mention that the grass is green and the diamond has been perfectly manicured? Ah, the Boys of Summer are back.

Time to make some pictures.