It figures. My last post mentioned that it was dry down here in Phoenix. No sooner after powering down my laptop, the sky opened up. It was a cold rain. Windy. Nasty. The National Weather Service even posted a severe thunderstorm warning for the greater Phoenix area for cloud to ground (CG) lightning and strong thunderstorm winds. To be sure, I was in my…ah..element Tuesday afternoon.


The Oakland Athletics ground crew pulls a tarp in to place Tuesday Mar. 9, 2010 during a one hour rain delay in Phoenix. The A's and the Texas Rangers did manage to get their game in ending in a 8-8 tie. (Kent Porter / The Press Democrat) 2010

Three passions, a triple point convergence. Photography, baseball and severe weather. Really, for a weather geek like me it doesn’t get any better.


Bracing themselves from gusty thunderstorm winds, from left, Juanita Rodriguez, Adam Wakefield and Renee Kaleta take cover as they wait out a rain delay at Phoenix Municipal Stadium in Phoenix AZ., Tuesday Mar. 9, 2010.

It’s funny though, I left the storm in NorCal only to get caught in very same storm 800 miles away. At any rate, the game between the Athletics and the Rangers was delayed for about an hour. The grounds crew the A’s have hired perform landscaping miracles. As the last drops fell, the tarp was pulled from the infield, the warning tracks were dusted with fast drying dirt (?) and within 45 minutes the game was on. Except for a few puddles where water was squeegeed (right in to the photographers pit) away, the field was immaculate.


The Oakland Athletics grounds crew battles the wind during removal of a tarp from the field, Tuesday Mar. 9, 2010 after a one hour rain delay in Phoenix. (Kent Porter / The Press Democrat) 201

Do you remember when Scottsdale Stadium had saguaro cacti just outside the fence in left center field? I still recall kids standing on their bikes behind the outfield fences trying to get a glimpse of players. The stands were made of wood too.

My spring training credential number is 714. Is this a sign?

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