That’s the name of this blog.  Why?  Several questions from friends and even a few of my co-workers has led me to explain.

I first started shooting color film waaaay back in 1973.  Back then, the camera did all the work so my pictures were always properly exposed – save for cutting heads off in the viewfinder. When I turned professional in 1983, I worked for The Midland (Texas) Reporter Telegram where the film of choice was Fujichrome 50 and 100.  The RT had state of the art presses and our color repro was absolutely stunning.  We quickly learned that underexposing slide film by one stop led to better color saturation, thus a better look in the paper.  I continued this style of shooting when I landed in Santa Rosa. We shot chrome until about 1992, when we switched to negative film.  To this day, I still underexpose my images, but not quite as much with the digital format we now use.  The reason I do this with digital is explained by not wanting to overexpose highlights on a bright sunny day. I think overexposed highlights look bad.

So there you have it.