Yesterday I covered the Friends of the Petaluma River Tom Sawyer Days on the, um…Petaluma River.  Lots of kids running around building rafts, putting said rafts in to the river.  That was kind of neat. Growing up on a lake afforded my friends and I endless adventures, building rafts, camping, fishing and endless summer days of swimming.  You know just being a kid.  That’s what I observed yesterday. When I noticed five year-old Drake Newell on a dry docked boat with his Tom Sawyer hat and a dramatic sky in the background, the potential for a good picture was there.

On a dry docked boat, Drake Newell, 5, of Petaluma uses his imagination as he casts an invisible anchor overboard, Saturday April 10, 2010 during the Friends of the Petaluma River Tom Sawyer Days, held at the Petaluma River Heritage Center. (Kent Porter / The Press Democrat) 2010

However, the image I saw in my head was on the other end of the boat.  Every time I would get low for a picture, Newell would move to the opposite end.

Thusly I would too.

The picture above is more about perseverance and luck, not so much skill.  It’s the only frame that I shot.  One picture to capture a little moment of childhood.

It reminds me of being a kid again and is one of my favorite pictures of the year.