While traveling by car through Tucson, Arizona on my way back east 25 years ago, the sun was just rising while I was cruising along I-10.  Just like that, I came upon a military aircraft that had made an emergency landing in the median.  I never shot any pictures of the scene and am not sure to this day if I really saw what I thought I did.


I had another freeway moment Tuesday afternoon.

Driving south on 101 near the Rohnert Park Expressway, a guy in a van was pulled over and had removed two stretchers with what appeared to be deceased people (they were covered) on them.

It struck me as odd and a little disturbing.

So I tooled on down to the next exit, doubled back and found the scene in question. Sure enough, it was what I thought it was.

Jayson O'Keefe, far right, of Bayside Mortuary Transport of Sacramento, changes a flat front tire on Highway 101 in Rohnert Park, Tuesday April 13, 2010. (Kent Porter / The Press Democrat) 2010

Jayson O’Keefe of Bayside Mortuary Transport in Sacramento got a flat front tire.  O’Keefe removed the deceased from the van to get to the spare tire.

A legitimate maneuver.

Officer Little of the California Highway Patrol, stopped to inform said driver to put the bodies back in the van while changing the tire.

It was causing somewhat of a distraction, he said.

O’Keefe got the tire changed, the bodies were loaded back in to the van and Officer Little asked some questions.  Then everyone was on their way.