When Lorri Herrick became pinned under her tractor on Saturday May 8 2010, Windsor, Rincon Valley and Healdsburg firefighters with paramedics from Bell’s Ambulance Service rushed to her aid. Out of the corner of my eye, there stood Brady the border collie watching emergency personnel succesfully extricate Herrick from underneath the tractor.

Brady never strayed too far from the tractor during Lorri’s ordeal, patiently waiting for his human friend.

We tend to forget while we bipeds are in life threating situations, animals have their own way of dealing with our problems. Brady seemed very content and secure with the actions Herrick’s rescuers, but was going to stay around just in case, I think.

Windsor and Healdsburg firefighters methodically go about extricating Lorri Herrick after the tractor she was driving rolled over on her, Saturday May 8, 2010 just south of Healdsburg. Her husband, Greg Herrick, left, scoots out of the way of firefighters. The family dog Brady, would not leave the tractor until Lorri was pulled out. (Kent Porter / Press Democrat) 2010

-Kent Porter