Saturday morning June 12:

At the RAWS station near Agilent in Santa Rosa’s Fountaingrove this morning, the temperature at 7:30 is 75 degrees with a Relative Humidity of 28%.  Winds are out of the NE to 17mph.  At Hawkeye, where the low was 67 at 56 minutes past midnight, The winds are steady at 21mph from the NNE and gusting to 41.  The RH is currently at 29%.  Red Flag fire warnings are posted for the east bay hills, Lake County and the Sacramento Valley.  This morning, a four acre fire has be contained near Clearlake Oaks in Lake County, according to scanner reports.

Friday night June 11:

Red Flag fire warnings are posted all around the Bay Area this Friday night, for gusty offshore winds, low relative humidity and warm temperatures.  As the winds turn more offshore this evening, the RH will continue to drop early Saturday morning, causing our highs to be in the mid-90’s Saturday afternoon.

Even though Sonoma County is not under any fire watch, the high winds and low RH are pretty much region wide and extreme caution should be used when out an about in SoCo’s wildland area.

In the Geysers, the RH has dropped to 37% and the temperature remains steady at 68f. Winds are straight from the northeast gusting to 20 mph. In fact, most RAWS stations are reporting temperatures  in the mid 60’sthis  evening with very poor humidity recovery. Be careful!

-Kent Porter