Twenty E-leven.  Tw0 thousand and eleven.

It’s a new year and the news, keeps keepin’ on.  The naysayers who predicted the demise of newsprint in 2011 have been stymied for another year.  That means more great content in the paper and PD web site.  The hundreds of Press Democrat employees who re-invent the wheel every 24 hours to put out a thorough and thought provoking chronicle of the Redwood Empire are some of the nicest and honest professionals I know.

With that, PD photogs have assimilated their 2010 best.  Below are  links to their photo galleries on-line.

John Burgess, who has the best eye for pictures I’ve ever seen, is here.

Christopher Chung, who walks the walk and makes great images day in and day out, is here.

Crista Jeremiason, who has an undeniable bead on local prep sports photography, is here.

Jeff Kan Lee, who knows more about photography than I will learn in my lifetime, is here.

Beth Schlanker, the new photog here at the PD, who brings a solid shooting eye and great native wit, is here.

My photos are here.

Alas, Chad Surmick, who was hired as a PD photographer way back when and is now the photog boss has won numerous local and national awards for his editing skills.  He has no gallery but keeps us on our toes day in and out.

Have a great new year.

-Kent Porter