It’s so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk.  Well, not really.

This is a mini heat wave.

A junior to the senior heat we get in August and September.

This is a non-fry an egg on the sidewalk type of wanna be broiler.

With a little time on our hands Monday, my son and I surmised that the concrete wouldn’t fry anything except an earth worm.  Don’t worry, we didn’t cook an earth worm.

In order to speed things up a little, I placed a baking pan in the sun for about an hour.  The pan was so warm you couldn’t touch it.  Didn’t want to stain the concrete anyway.

On goes the egg.

One could guess that you’d get a heck of a sunburn on a day like this, requiring a trip to the emergency room.

Alas, an egg is thicker than epidermis. Albeit, some of the egg did cook.

The total elapsed time here is about 40 minutes.

My son had a ball game; we left for the afternoon (it was hot at the ballpark too) and returned to find the pan in our kitchen sink, no doubt from a nonplussed significant other.

Science 1, fable, 0.

-Kent Porter