Had a shoot yesterday near Tomales.  Beautiful country.  Rolling hills, cows, hawks and waterways.  Picture perfect.  Dairy farmer Mike Moretti was the subject,  for an upcoming story in the Sunday Press Democrat. So I hung around for a few hours because the light was really nice and Moretti works very hard at managing the ranch.  I owed it to him to make some storytelling photographs.

As I was shooting, I made a friend in Jill, one of the ranch dogs.  Jill was my shadow for most of the afternoon, everywhere I went, she did too.

Ranch dog Jill, my afternoon shadow. (Kent Porter / Press Democrat) 2011

Lining up this beautiful scenic of Moretti bucking hay, I shot a ton of frames with the fog rolling in with coastal hills in the background.  However, old Jill was right there. marking her, um, territory.

Ah, farming.

Dairy Rancher Mike Moretti finishes bucking hay, as Jill, one of the ranch dogs, answers the call to nature. (Kent Porter / Press Democrat) 2011

-Kent Porter