The firefighting community knew it was inevitable.  With several days of wind, dry brush and a scant amount of rain The National Weather Service has posted a red flag warning for the North and East Bay hills tonight through Sunday morning June 10, 2012.  That means the winds will be out of the east, temperatures will be on the rise and humidities will drop to less than 10 percent, early Sunday above 1,000 feet.  Of course we all feel the wind and watch the trees sway even down here in the valley.  Here is the link to the NWS bulletin. Still another link gives the aerial coverage of the red flag warning.  Presently in the Geysers area in NE Sonoma County the RH is 8% and the winds are out of the NE  gusting at 31mph.  Not to be left out of the loop is Santa Rosa, the relative humidity is 7%, temperature at 81 and the winds gusting to 27 out of the NE.


-Kent Porter