Ready for this?  The moisture laden remnants of  an Eastern Pacific tropical system is being funneled north and will interact with a low pressure trough off the West Coast.  According to a National Weather Service advisory, some of the storms will include dry lightning strikes which elevates the fire danger to critical levels.  Sonoma County is not included in the fire weather warnings, but an advisory is in place for our area.  Lake County and portions of Napa County are included in the Red Flag box, as is a portion of Mendocino County.  As with these kinds of storms, it’s entirely possible that we will get nocturnal thunderstorms.  A link is here for the Red Flag warning and another for a Hazardous Weather Statement from the National Weather Service in Monterey.

-Just remember, metal tripods and lightning do not mix.

A couple of year ago, I posted a blog about lightning.

-Kent Porter