Left for the Super Dome at 12:30pm in a caravan of media bus charters.  Took 15 minutes because of road closures and the like.  Get out, walk a couple of football field distances to the security line.  Drop bags at security in groups, bomb sniffing dog goes to work sniffing every bag for whatever they sniff for.  Get bags (50 pounds or so),  walk another 100 yards, get field photo vest (we get to keep!) enter stadium, walk another 100 yards to photo work room where everybody and their mother is set-up to send photos from the game.

Every time you leave the field you have to check-in and check-out with one of those Target like scanners.  Each organization tapes a business card down in the end zone to secure a spot.  This isn’t my first rodeo, it all goes like clock work.  Even though it’s the Super Bowl, it’s just a football game. No reason to get too amped out about it, they still run, pass, kick, catch and knock each other silly.

And it’s still three hours before game time.

Sacramento Bee photogs and good friends Paul Kitagaki Jr., left and Hector Amezcua prepare for the Super Bowl in the photo workroom at the Superdome. (Kent Porter / Press Democrat) 2013

The photo workroom at the Superdome. That's photographer Brant Ward of the SF Chronicle on the right. (Kent Porter / Press Democrat) 2013


-Kent Porter