Like that heat last weekend?  If you did, clap your hands in joy because it’s going to get REALLY hot starting Friday.  If you hate the the hot weather and wilt at the very mention of record-breaking temperatures, well then you may wan to go jump in a lake.  Or a river.  Or a pool.

Seriously, the heat will peak on Saturday with temperatures from 100 to 110 degrees in the valleys around the North Bay.  The record for Santa Rosa for June 7 was set in 1973 at 100 degrees.  For June 8, the record is 102, also set in 1973. According to most forecasts it looks like we may eclipse those 40 year-old records.  Here is a special weather statement from the National Weather Service.  Remember if you are outside working or running or doing anything physical, hydration is the key.

Still curious about Santa Rosa’s weather history? Search a database of the city’s weather numbers here

Meanwhile, you can cool off with this photo…

Twi-light and clouds, Saturday June 1, 2013. (Kent Porter / Press Democrat) 2013

-Kent Porter