The National Weather Service has posted a fire weather watch for Sonoma County.  You would think for the hot weather, right?  Well partially.  Yes it’s been hot and dry.  The kicker is a threat for elevated convection, i.e., high based thunderstorms.  With the lower levels of the  atmosphere quite dry, the storms, if they fire up, could produce dry lightning strikes from the Golden Gate north Sunday through the evening hours.  As is the case this year, nothing is normal this fire season.

As a tell-tale sign, the mountains of Sonoma County experienced a low off 86 degrees Saturday morning.  Right now in the Geysers, it’s 95 degrees down from a high of 97 at 8AM with the humidity at 23%.  Luckily the winds are very light.

In Santa Rosa, it’s a cool 75 this morning.

This is a really good link with information about the weather the next couple of days.

As always, theses watches routinely turn to red flag warnings.

Stay tuned for more updates.

-Kent Porter