The National Weather Service has issued urban and small stream flood advisories for Sonoma, Napa and Marin which will remain in effect until 12:30 PST. Rain rates of one quarter to one half inch a hour have been reported in our urban areas.

In addition, a Wind Advisory is up until four this afternoon (Jan. 18), for Sonoma County’s higher elevations with sustained winds for 25-30 mph with gusts to 50 mph. At the coast, A High Surf Advisory will begin at four P.M. today and last through four A.M. Tuesday morning, when it will be replaced with High Surf Warnings, thru Thursday afternoon. Waves by Thursday could reach 25 feet along the Sonoma and Mendocino County coast.

Severe Thunderstorm warnings are posted for the south bay over Santa Clara County through 11:45 this morning.

This morning a wind gust of 51 mph was reported at the Hawkeye RAWS weather station (SoCo Geysers area), with sustained winds from the south at 27 mph. Gusts of 21 have been reported in Santa Rosa, 56 mph on the Hopland Grade. Mount Diablo at over 4k feet has reported a 67 mph gust, just under hurricane strength of 74 mph. In the south bay, the Las Trampas RAWS near Bollinger Canyon Road west of Alamo recorded a 71 mph gust.

Stay tuned