Lets do lunch!  Like I mentioned before, I-5 is a culinary wasteland so to speak.  If you like fast food, I-5 is your Mecca.

The list of fast food joints is respectable.  Each off-ramp includes several on this list:  Mc D’s.  Carl’s Jr.  Taco Bell.  The Colonel. Del Taco.  BK.  Jack’s Place.  Suffice to say, there are no John Ash & Co or Dry Creek Kitchen drive thru’s in this part of the world. There is Harris Ranch, but you know we were just doing a quick LUNCH.  Searching the studded horizon of fast food signs, In and Out Burger stood out and seemed a logical choice in an attempt at avoiding caloric suicide. In reality, I rarely eat hamburgers.  It’s been at least six months since my last one, and will be many more before consuming the next. But it was vacation, so what the heck.

in outside

In and Out Burger in Kettleman City off Interstate 5.

If anything, the burger was fresh, the lettuce was crisp and it wasn’t too greasy.  A Double-Double has 590 calories. A McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder with cheese has 740 calories for comparison. What kicks up the count are sides: French fries, 400 calories and a vanilla shake weighing in at a whopping 680 calories. McD’s comes in at 500 and 420 respectively.


The Double Double at In and Out Burger.

For the most part,  fast food joints are pretty much all the same.  You’re going to get calories no matter what/where you eat.

Don’t like the meat route?  There are several roadside fruit stands, but this time of the year it’s mostly bagged nuts and citrus with a few strawberries thrown in.  We did  see the Avocado Car:


Kettleman City's Avocado Car

And the Citrus tent which featured incredibly juicy mandarin oranges:


The Citrus Tent. Somewhere near Gustine on I-5.

Our family makes the trek to the Magical Place once every three years or so, so I don’t feel to guilty eating fast food once in awhile.  What was our first meal when we pulled in to D-Land?  A salad with low fat dressing: 407 calories.


Disneyland chef's salad.