What a difference a year makes, eh?  Last year on this date Santa Rosa’s high temperature was nearly 94 degrees.  On the 21st, SR topped out at 91.  The fog kicked in on the 22nd, when the high was only 77.

The average temperature for SR’s April should be 70 degrees.

Today, Santa Rosa’s forecasted high is 54, with thunderstorms in the forecast.  The snow level will drop to around 3500 feet, so potential for hail is there for any cells that blow through. Radar shows the front has rolled on by, but a cold pool of air is right behind.  With the April sun angle and the heat it produces, thunder showers are a distinct possibility.

One of my favorite sites, the Storm Prediction Center places NorCal in a general thunderstorm area.  It’s not the midwest, but it could get interesting this afternoon.

-Kent Porter