It’s been one year.  My first gig in journalism was writing sports.  I was awful at it.  The camera suited me better and still does today.

My first blog entry was on September 24 2009, about shooting pictures of a early fall lightning storm.

My second was a post about a fire in Cloverdale on the 26th of September.

There have been a few strange posts, such as the bodies on the side of Highway 101; getting doused with flood waters and photographing Giant poppies.

Humorous posts such as the streaker and a patriotic sheep.

Newsy posts like the Oakland unrest and grief and healing.

I certainly don’t write every day, well, because my day job as a photog gets in the way.

120 entries later and with y ‘all still reading what I have to write, I guess I’ll keep it going…

-Kent Porter